[News] Busta Rhymes Signs To Cash Money

It’s official, Busta Rhymes has hooked up with Young Money Cash Money Records (YMCM) and is now part of the family. While in the studio with YMCM, CEO Baby, Busta speaks on his situation. Busta Rhymes was celebrating his brand new record deal—a joint venture with the popular search engine and the notorious Cash Money Records. Busta has been officially added to the CM roster along with New Orleans rapper, Mystikal, and MTV News caught up with him on Google’s red carpet for details on the lucrative contract. “It’s an unbelievably groundbreaking deal, [there’s] never been a deal done like this before, where the most powerful search engine in the world combines with the most powerful record company in the world,” Busta said.

“It’s just amazing to see that they understood what Busta Rhymes means to the music, what Busta Rhymes means to the culture, what Busta Rhymes means to the embodiment of authentic hip-hop,” he explained, after linking with Google to release the new single “Why Stop Now,” which features Chris Brown.

“I’m very proud to be aligned with Google, I’m extremely proud to be aligned with Cash Money, my management team, Violator, I’ve been aligned with them from day one— twenty years strong,” he continued. “It’s just exemplifying a different dynamic of greatness through this infrastructure and we’re gonna make something happen in a way that’s never happened in music before with this new deal.”

“Why Stop Now,” is the first single from Busta’s upcoming ninth album E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) 2: End Of The World and it will be released through Google’s new music platform. Mystikal hasn’t released any comments on his new deal, but a source close to the rapper confirms that he has officially signed with Cash Money.

Source: http://djjeazybaby.com/2011/11/busta-rhymes-signs-to-cash-money-records/


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