[Review] The Official “Watch The Throne” CONCERT Review [11.23.11 – Toronto]

A review of The Concert through “This Is Your Conscience” I enjoyed…


I’m not a huge concert person but when I was presented with the opportunity to attend Jay-Z and Kanye’s “Watch The Throne” concert at the Air Canada Center, I jumped at the chance, seeing as I’ve never seen either of those negroes live in concert. On the way to the event I figured ‘Hey, I should blog WHILE the actual concert is going on’ and figured that would be a good idea, so here’s my LIVE recap of what turned out to be one of the most annoying, frustrating, yet incredible and amazing shows I’ve ever seen.

8:00 pm: Arrive Into ACC

Some Burt Ward looking white dude in Tiger Wood’s Masters jacket tells us that we’ve been “upgraded” to better seats and it’s our “lucky day.” I ignored my “be skeptic of white men with large smiles around black folk” rule, did a little dougie and prepared myself to hear we were about to get 7th row floor seats.

8:07 pm: On The Way To Upgrading The Tickets

Damn nigga, where’s the bathroom? And what’s this long ass line about? These bastards must really be craving some Molsons beer and red twizzlers – idiots. They better hope out that damn line and grab a seat before they miss the whole show.

8:10 pm: Join WHAT Line?!

Aiight, so I’m getting hype! There’s a lot of frowsy people in here dressed like they are going to an Occupy rally. Ok so I’m at the counter to upgrade my tickets – and now being told I need to join the back of that long ass line i just made fun of – F*^K!

8:25 pm: The TRUTH About The Upgrade Is Revealed

After standing in a bullsh*t line for 15 minutes that hasn’t budged AT ALL, security reveals that the reason we were selected for an “upgrade” is because this concert is being taped and our old seats are apparently being blocked by pyro machines or some crap. So it’s basically just a scam to get us to accept being moved without complaining.

8:55 pm: STILL waiting in line

This is some BULLSH*T!

9:01 pm: Finally Seated

So we got moved from Section 103 to Section 118 right behind the side of the stage. Ticket says show was suppose to start at 7:30 pm. I guess no matter what your tax bracket is, BPT is what we will always run on.

9:18 pm: LIGHTS DIM

Finally nigga!

Jay and Ye’ are standing facing each other on two separate raised platforms that slowly elevated as they rapped – cool effects, although “H.A.M.” wasn’t exactly making me go ham as a choice to open the concert. Now I start praying that they actually get into their old hits.

9:28 pm: Hype Is Slowing A Little

I’m starting to remember how boring I found the watch the throne album – still praying they get into some old sh*t.

9:29 pm: OH SH*T – OTIS!

They got a full flag with pyrotechnics going off right beside it. Please small black baby jesus don’t let this American flag catch on fire before the election and they somehow blame Barack for it and make him lose.

9:39 pm: Jay Z Performs “Where I’m From!”

Finally we are hearing some non-Watch the Throne music and there was no liver choice than the most legendary 3rd verse of any rap song in history [listen to it again, Jay SPAZZES].

9:42 pm: Kanye Performs “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

This dude Yeezy is making Jay look as interesting as a virgin librarian. He got the lights and special effects going and his energy and general showmanship is off the meter.

9:51 pm: Kanye Performs “All Falls Down” and I Get A Chill Down My Spine

This was a classic from the old “I’m happy to be here” Yeezy which was a lot easier to like than the more current douchebag version of him today.It was definitely one of the loudest crowd ovations from the entire night and the only thing that would have made that moment any more epic would have been if Lauryn Hill [YES Lauryn, NOT Syleena Johnson] came out to sing the hook.

9:55 pm: Round 2 Of HOV

As Kanye is performing “Diamonds Are Forever” Jay-Z gets in and performs his verse from the “Sierra Leone remix” and then goes into “Public Service Announcement” with pyro and got people going crazy. Forgive him lord he’s getting old – he looks like he went back into the change room to get viagra and red bull fed intravaneously into his blood stream for some energy.

10:08 pm: How The HELL Am I Feeling The HEAT From The Flames Like This?

As Kanye’s performing “Power” I’m wondering if the pyro man is getting paid per bottle of igniter he uses because he’s going ham and I’m feeling that sh*t heavy even 75 meters away.

10:17: A Moment To Reflect

They perform New Day (the first time I’ve ever heard this song) and it seems Jay is having a real moment on stage reflecting about his absentee father and how good of a dad he will strive to be, which is evermore relevant considering Bey is pregnant. Even I was like damn, someone get this nigga some cleenex, but a dope moment nonetheless.

10:23 pm: Empire State Of Mind!

As long as Torontonians keep aspiring to be NYC’ers and living vicariously in their shadows, we will always love this song like its about our own city.

10:27 pm: Let’s Have A Toast To The Douchebags

The place goes black and all you hear is the start of “Runaway” which was dope as hell. But can someone explain why this auto-tuning, vocoding-ass negro is REALLY trying to hit notes?! He performs extended versions of this, as well as “Heartless” next and is really getting his T-Pain on.

10:44 pm: “On To The Next One”

Jay comes out to this song and the show is back on a hype vibe after Kanye kinda slowed it down. So far their transitions of one performing and the other leaving is working well.

10:50 pm: Kanye Changes Back Into His Leather Kilt

Kanye back on stage in a Black illuminati dashiki as they perform “That’s My B*tch” followed by a massive ovation to “Good Life.”

10:58 pm: “Touch The Sky!”

Right now Ye’s energy is on a ridiculous level and has the crowd in his hands

11:02 pm: Where’s ALL Of The Lights??

Kanye stops the  music twice when attempting to perform “All Of The Lights” saying he wants the engineer to shine all the lights. Nothing like contrived drama to get people hype.

11:05 pm: The Top-40 Segment

As much as I use to like “Big Pimpin” all the top 40 wasp clubs that bump this tune have made me grow to hate it – even watching Jigga perform it live.

11:09 pm: Kanye Tried To Big Pimp, But Got Yanked By A “Gold Digger”

As much as I’m tired of this punk ass song I must admit its kinda live when Kanyes performs it. No bias to Jay but Ye just has more personality in person than on tv or radio, which I can’t necessarily say for Jay.

11:13 pm: Jay To Kanye After “Gold Digger”: If You Having Girl Problems, I Feel Bad For You Son…

This was a big moment for Jay in getting the crowd LIVER than it has ever been for any song he’s performed

11:17 pm: Both Dudes On Stage Rockin’ Out

A big ass flame came down from the ceiling and “No Church In The Wild” came on! Nice touch – also using the big screen for edited video clip transitions was a good touch.


“Niggas In Paris” comes on and shuts down the ACC. I heard they performed it 6 times in Boston the other day so I was interested in seeing how it went over here, and they definitely had the crowd in their hands. They closed the show and bounced – or did they…

11:30 pm: Fake Concert End Just Happened And Dudes Sprint Back Out

1 more “Niggas In Paris” to go around and get people even more hype.

11:34 pm: Encore!

Jay performs Encore and it’s time for the REAL concert end.

So all in all, the night started rocky as hell to say the least, but ended amazing as the show definitely lived up to the hype – but where was “Murder To Excellence?” Oh and kudos to having NO opening acts – I wasn’t in the mood to boo some local DOUCHE just to take my frustrations out on. if you bought tickets, your ass is in for a treat.


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